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In the present day industries, reliability of equipments has become a prime consideration. And every industry is dependent on drive systems. E&P provides technologically advanced and highly sophisticated drive systems.
This Comprises of the following:

a) Worm Gear Box – upto 4 kW.
b) Helical Worm Gear Box – upto 15kW.
c) Helical Shaft Mounted Gear Box – upto 200kW.
d) Helical Bevel Gear Box – upto 200kW.
e) Helical Inline Gear Box – upto 160kW.

a) Worm Geared Motor
– upto 4 kW.
b) Helical Worm Geared Motor – upto 15kW.
c) Helical Shaft Mounted Geared Motor – upto 200kW.
d) Helical Bevel Geared Motor – upto 200kW.
e) Helical Inline Geared Motor – upto 160kW.

3. VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES – Range from 0.12-160KW
Mechanical Variable speed drive - Belt type with gear unit.
b) Mechanical Variable speed drive - Friction disc type with gear unit.
c) Electronic Variable voltage, variable frequency Drives, Vector duty      inverter drives.

4. INDUSTRIAL GEAR Units upto 1000 kW (Helica, Helical Bevel)

  Geared Motors