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1. Transformers
  » Power Transformers
  » Distribution Transformers
  » Induction, Arc Furnace / Rectifier
  » Dry Type Transformers
2. Substation Equipments
  » Drop Out fuses
  » Transformer Control Panels
  » Current & Voltage Transformer
  » Off Load Isolators
3. Geared Motors & Gear Boxes
  » Helical Worm Geared Motor
  » Helical Shaft Mounted G. Motor
  » Helical Bevel Geared Motor
  » Helical Inline Geared Motor
5. LT & HT Panels
  » Motor Control Centre
  » Power Control Centre
  » Distribution Panels
  » Vacuum / SF6 Circuit Breakers
6. Cable,Switchgear & UPS
E&P offers sheet steel or GRP enclosures for indoor or outdoor location, with ingress protection up to IP66. All types of control are offered with the options/facilities like : Motor control, Process control, Environmental control (Heating & Vent), Alarm systems and custom controls. Some basic details about our Panels are mentioned below.

1. Custom Built Low  Voltage Switchboards

a) Power Control Center
b) Motor Control Center
c) Distribution Boards
d) Control and Relay Panel
e) PLC – AMF and DG
f) Bus-ducts and Rising Mains
g) Feeder Pillars and Junction Boxes
h) Soft Starter and Frequency Drive Panels
i) SCADA based Panels
j) Thyrister / Relay based APFC Panels
k) Metering Panels
l) Testing Panels
m) Power Factor Correction Panels
n) AMF Panels
o) PLC Panels
p) AC Drive Panels

2. Custom Built Medium  Voltage Switchboards - 12000 Volts & 33000 Volts
a) 33 KV, SF6, MV Panel
b) 11 KV, VCB, MV Panel
c) 6.6 KV, VCB, MV Panel
d) 3.3 KV, VCB, MV Panel
e) 11 KV, SF6, MV  Panel

Most of our equipments have been successfully tested at CPRI (Central Power Research Institute)

  HT / LT Panels